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Searching for gbatemp doesn't get hits on ...

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
It seems title searching doesn't get hits on partial words ("gbatemp" search won't hit on gbatemp.net)
Whereas, normal searching does get hits on partial words in the title.
Note: normal searching = don't click "search titles only".

I would expect the opposite. Wouldn't you ?

Title searching = user taking the time to narrow the focus of the search (easier on the server CPU, RAM) and should be rewarded with partial hits.


or does no one care about Title searching ? :)


Formerly CyclingTribe
It does if you use a wildcard gbatemp*

The full text in the thread title is gbatemp.net (not gbatemp) and the search appears to be taking this quite literally and not showing results for just gbatemp.

Perhaps it might be worth considering a wildcard option in the elasticsearch settings in the ACP?