Searching for exact expressions

Steve Freides

Active member
E.g., if I wish to search my forum for

Abe Lincoln

but don't want matches on only "abe" or only "lincoln", only "abe lincoln", what do I put into the search box?

And is there a comprehensive explanation of how this works somewhere online?

Thanks in advance.


Steve Freides

Active member
@AndyB, looks great. Before I ask to have this installed, is there no way to do this without an add-on of some sort?

And can you explain to me, if I install your add-on, how I would make your search work like the built-in search, which makes each word individually, and what syntax I'd use with yours? Just trying to understand.

Thanks very much.



XenForo developer
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You can just wrap the search string in quotes -- that will do a phrase search.