Lack of interest search showing "no results found" on threads visible to members only


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I have set permissions for certain Forum-nodes to "Thread-Content to be visible by registered Members only" (ACP: "View thread content" is set to "revoke" for "Unregistered/Unconfirmed").

So literally it is showing the Threads and Thread-Title, but when clicking onto the Thread, it tells the visitor to "log-in or sign-up". It does not show the thread-content
This is fine.

However, when performing the "Advanced Search", then those threads (for which I have set the permission "Thread-Content to be visible by registered Members only") are not returned in the search-results.

So why are Thread-titles visible all across the Forum (which is fine), but the same Thread-titles (without Thread-content) are actually not returned as a search-result when performing a search ?
At least the Thread-titles (without the Thread-content) should show-up in search-results.

Instead of showing the "Thread Content", it should display a message saying: "Thread-Content is visible to registered Members Only. Please log-in or sign-up here."


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Further to this same idea, I can't see in the permissions how you can simply stop registered folks from searching a particular forum - one where they can see and post???

As an example, most forums would desire to keep off-topic and other such forums out of the search results.
Shouldn't one of the permission radio buttons say "search this forum"? (allow, never, etc.)