Fixed  Search result snippets-- strip quoted text


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Actually, we did strip it at one point. The problem was that (currently) the quoted text is indexed, so if the match is in that text and we strip it, you won't see the match.

The better approach would be to strip quoted text (at least that we attribute to being from another post) and then strip quotes in search results.


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Hmm. I think quoted text should be indexed (you may want to search for a post based on a keyword that you remember from within quoted text). How about this-- when the search is for "Your content"/"What's New" etc, strip any leading quotes and use the beginning of the author-generated text as the snippet. If it's a keyword search, then generate the snippet by grabbing the first instance of the searched keyword and the surrounding text whether or not it's at the beginning of the post or if it's in quotes.