XF 1.5 Search not working - new forum.


I just got started with my new Xenforo forum. I am running it currently on " test mode" and i am doing adjustments and translations etc.
I got few test users to find any bugs, and one guy found a major bug...

When I installed Xenforo, I imported a data from my SMF forum. All went well and everything seems to be working. BUT then it hit me... Search
is not working at all. It does not search old imported messages! Is this a bug or common issue?

Have you rebuilt the search after the import?


Finalizing the Import
A required action once the import is complete is to rebuild the search index. Failure to do so will make it impossible for searches to be performed on the imported data. To rebuild it, click on the Tools tab and then the Rebuild Caches icon. Depending on the number of posts and quantity of data, this could take a long time.

The imported data should be checked for consistency and validity, especially permissions for any imported users, user groups and nodes.

Post content should also be checked to ensure all data has been faithfully reproduced. If required, the Post Content Find / Replace tool can be utilized to correct or remove any broken or non-valid BB Code.
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