Fixed Search not working as expected

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Floyd R Turbo

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Not suuuuuure this is a bug, but I just thought it was very odd.

when googling "bogboardadmin" I got a hit for a thread here:

But when I go to search the entire site for "bigboardadmin" or "" I get no results.

If I search for "big board" "board admin" "big board admin" I get some results, but none of those contain the above linked post/thread in the search results.


XenForo developer
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I've finally managed to track this down. I thought it was a parsing quirk with Elasticsearch, but it was actually a regressing in our parsing in XFES2 that lead to "" actually being searched as "domain com". I've just rolled out a fix here and it will be included in XFES 2.0.1.