Add-on Search Menu Inside Forum


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Rather than having people click the search function and entering all those categories, for a busy forum an option where the search menu is embedded into the forum where you can specify what you want to search.

For example

Search by Keyword in Body
Search by Keyword in Title

Daniel Hood

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I don't understand. Viewing this thread if you click the search bar there's a checkbox (checked by default by the way) to search only in this forum. You can also check a box to search only keywords...


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Yes. However, I wanted to set this up so that there is a search box above the actual threads so people dont need to go to the upper right corner, select advanced search and then go to the page and search. Instead, they can search directly on the forum with all the threads.

As of now, the thinking is I just create an IFRAME and insert it into the forum with the threads at the top. I'll then modify it so it looks nice, neat and professional. I'm not sure if there is any mod close to what I'm wanting but the goal here is we will add extensions to this later based on custom fields they are required to add when creating a thread.