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Currently in XenForo when I want to search for threads that have had 0 replies, by entering '0' in the 'Minimum number of replies:'- field I get the following error:

The following error occurred:
Please specify a search query or the name of a member.

Can we have it that XF accepts a '0'-value without entering a search query or membername?

Reason: that way our Moderators (and users) can search and see which threads have had 0 replies and do what's needed. For example: to 're-start' those threads or when you run a support-website for patients, moderators or regular users can just with one click view all the posts with NO reply on it and make sure that the patient indeed gets his or her reply. Etc.

(trivia: suggested also 8,5 (!) years ago for the once great vBulletin: and funnily enough XF also doesn't support it by default now)
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I would like to re-request this functionality for XenForo. (It's not only with entering '0', but any other number when the error-message comes up if you did not specify a name or other criteria).
In our case/on my website it's only important to search for *any* thread that has zero replies.

I was wondering, are there more websites that could use it like this?


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Totally agree. I know for a fact that my members love this feature (currently vb).


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This is also present in phpBB3 and is a nice feature to have



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This is something that should have been included from the start. Trying to search for members that have 0 posts for pruning (another missing feature, by the way) is virtually impossible in the ACP.


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I want to set the number of messages X in time period Y eg LESS THAN > [3] messages in the last [MONTH]

Very frustrating it's not there in admin searches including setting up nag emails.

We have MORE THAN so why not LESS THAN?


Would also like to see this feature. I think it would help both my as the forum owner and my members to be able to show threads with no responses.


Any update on this? I think this would be a huge benefit to smaller forums that aren't super active but have members that would be willing to reply to new members or threads that get buried if they had a way to find them.


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You could search the threads with 0 reactions per forum and transfer to a subforum unanswered threads for example. That is how i did it at first, but deleted them afterwards because they were to old.


Those threads are of no use for members and visitors from search.

for newer threads it would be a good option.

Chris D

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Yeah we'll call this implemented though in a slightly different way.

The functionality is now available via the "What's new" system which has a number of filters including the ability to find threads which are so far unanswered (no replies).


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It might be worth to note that it is also available through menu Find Threads / Unanswered Threads on tab Forum.
Just as a matter of reference, the Find threads > Unanswered threads menu item is not quite the same as finding threads using the What's new searches and using filters mentioned by @Chris D

From what I can tell, the Unanswered threads list is the equivalent of showing New posts with the Unanswered thread filter checked, but with the default Unread threads filter unchecked.

Also, Unanswered threads search doesn't set a limit on the number of threads returned - it shows all unanswered threads no matter how many there are, while New posts with filters does limit the number of threads via the option "Maximum number of search results".

Both methods have their place - it's nice to have the flexibility.

So they have actually implemented this suggestion twice! :D