Not a bug  Search for all posts by a single user after a specific date doesn't give all results


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Not sure if it's a bug, but:

  • Go to Search...
  • Use only the field 'Posted by Member:' and type in 'Kier'
  • Newer than: ' 2010-07-29'
  • Click [Find Now]
Now (September 2nd) we get 9 pages of results.

On page 9 the last result is:

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Post by Kier, Friday at 6:32 PM in forum: Implemented/Resolved Suggestions

Beneath that result we can not click on 'Find older messages', because that link is not there. This link however is there, when we do not use a 'newer than' date in the search.

As I said, maybe it's not a bug and I don't understand the meaning of 'Newer than'? I assume that 'Newer than' means that XF gives me an overview of all postings made by 'Kier' on '2010-07-29' and every next date that follows. But I can not see those results... it only goes as far as 9 pages until last Friday at 6:32 PM.


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It's limited by the maximum number of results allowed by the admin. The find more results link is specific to that one scenario; it's not particularly easy to generalize it.


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I upped this max number of search results from 200 to 500, but I'm still maxing out at 200. Any idea of why?

Never mind. It seems to have taken a couple of minutes to click in.