Lack of interest Quicker way to find all posts by a user (not truncated) in a specific thread + reaction ability

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EDIT: This is possible already via search but a quick link would be nice.

This is handy for moderation but also for general discovery. Often times someone will ask me something, and I know I posted about it in a certain thread. I'd like to be able to go to that thread and view/sort by my posts only. Not talking search, I mean a sort where you do not need a keyword, and you see a timeline of posts by a user.

It's also a great tool for moderation. Someone is causing issues in a thread, let's see everything they posted with a click. Now we can delete or warn as necessary.

Another example is, you know someone always has informative posts but the thread is 3000 pages. Click, see theirs.

Being able to add reaction here is a plus as well.

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Thank you sir!

Go to a thread >> Search >> This thread (no keyword) >> By member = timeline results

Edit: Quick link would be nice, awkward to find how to do this.
I do wish I could add reactions to that list... I can see people looking for certain things and reading directly from search. Other than that works great.
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