Lack of interest Search for a phrase in User Change Log

Hi there.

I would like to suggest implementing an option to search for a particular phrase/change in User Change Log.

What do you need it for?
Obviously, the user change log in its current state is a great feature. However, there are websites/forums for which this is very important to detect alternate accounts fast and accurate.
e.g. any website/forum that include a trade section or some kind of a feedback section
There are many ways to detect such accounts, including IPs, cookies etc. but some of users are good at avoiding detection.

Let's assume there are 3 accounts that belong to the same person. They avoided being detected somehow. However, all of them used xyz@zyx.yzx e-mail address in the past. With the feature I am talking about it would be easy to search for "xyz@zyx.yzx" or a part of the phrase and find those 3 accounts.

That's it. Thanks for reading.

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