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Search field: Select the content type you are looking at.


Well-known member
When you are looking at a content type like resources, media, etc, then the search field should preselect to search this content type.
When you are looking at a forum or category overview, then the search field should preselect that forum or category.
If you are looking at an Item/thread then you are likely to have found what you are looking for and a new search may not relate to the same category or content type. There it would be logical to have it preselect 'everywhere'.

Currently it looks like this. 'Everywhere' is always selected.

Look at Google which is the king of Search: When you are looking at Google News, your search results will not go back to Google main search (web).

Please consider to add admincp settings so that admins can decide themselves.


Well-known member
Tabs should dictate the search area. Perhaps the best solution would be to eliminate the drop down altogether and rename the Search title to Search resources.


When the Resource tab is selected the search would logically be to search Resources.

If I want to search forums I will click the Forums tab.