Search all threads with a particular prefix


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I mean without having to enter the keyword
Well you didn't say that. ;)

You can filter the threads in a particular forum by clicking on the prefix shown next to a thread title. This will then show only those threads in that forum with that prefix.

From what I can tell, it's not possible to search all forums for a threads with a prefix without using a keyword.


In vBulletin the link search.php?do=process&nocache=1&prefixchoice[]=PREFIXNAME search all forums for a threads with the prefix "PREFIXNAME" without using a keyword

Do you have any idea how I can implement something like this on xenForo?

Anyway, I think this is a basic function of research, it is strange that there is no on xenForo.


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Not by default. A prefix isn't considered a significant enough limit so there are potential performance issues (particularly with the default search). That said, in some cases (likely only with Enhanced Search), if you enter "*" in the keyword you can bypass some limits.


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Those are the search results. The actual search URL needs to be built using information from the initial search form.

If you have a license, you should associate your account with your license and post in the support forum for more detail.