Scroll speed for anchor links

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I thought maybe a developer would know the answer to this one.

I'm currently using an addon that allows me to use anchor links to div id's.
The links work and it directs me to the part of the page, but it doesn't scroll smoothly and slowly.

Is there a way I can make it scroll real slow after clicking on the anchor link?

So if I click on <a>
it should take me to div id=2 by scrolling slowly rather than instantly.

Thanks for the help.
Hey @Optic ,
Thanks for the input. Kind of rare to have someone kind enough to help out!

I didn't think about using the smooth scrolling for the top/down overlay links, and yes I do use UI.X from themehouse.
I'll definitely look into that, and any idea how I start into finding out how to hook into their coding? Sorry if this is a novice question.


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Unfortunately I don't sorry, as I'm not a developer :(

It would be best to ask Themehouse for advice or maybe even try and engage a developer from here to achieve what you're looking for.