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[SchmitzIT] How to add forum sprites to tabs using CSS


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[SchmitzIT] How to add forum sprites to tabs using CSS (version 1.0) - Tab icons using CSS. (Requires minor file edits)

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Having originally added icons to forum tabs by supplying it with a link to an image, we now do so using sprites for performance sake.

The approach is similar, but we figured we would document the process for you anyway.

Step 1 is creating a sprite with all the icons. An easy way to do so is creating a quick HTML page with all the icons on it,...

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Why did you use <p> instead of a <span>? A paragraph is a block-level element whereas span is an inline element making it the correct tag to use.
I am pretty certain I initially tried using the span, but it did not work for my purpose (might be something on my end).

I really cannot remember what happened, but I ended up having to use <p> instead. Perhaps it will work for others?
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