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How to add forum icons in tabs added with listeners

Discussion in 'Tips and Guides [Archive]' started by SchmitzIT, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. SchmitzIT

    SchmitzIT Well-Known Member

    After asking the question above in a different thread, I suddenly got an idea, and wanted to test today if I could get it to work. I did, and so I figured I'd share how to accomplish this.

    In our existing forum (www.entropiaplanets.com/forums (vB *ptooey* warning)) we use icons on our navigation tabs. We wanted to have the same thing in xF, and implementing this in the default tabs was easy, but the dynamically added tabs posed a wee bit more of a challenge.
    Luckily, it is still fairly easy to accomplish, thoug, and here is how.

    First off, find the template navigation. In it, look for lines 75 and 159:

                    <a href="{$extraTab.href}" class="navLink">{$extraTab.title}</a>
    Replace both cases with:

                    <xen:if is="{$extraTab.image}">
                        <a href="{$extraTab.href}" class="navLink"><img src="{$extraTab.image}" width="24px" height="24px" border="0" alt="{$extraTab.title}" align="top" />&nbsp;&nbsp;{$extraTab.title}</a>
                    <xen:else />
                        <a href="{$extraTab.href}" class="navLink">{$extraTab.title}</a>
    In a nutshell, this adds an image, the source of which is a new variable called $extraTab.image, and with a size of 24*24 pixels, no borders, and an alt tag the same as the title.

    The last step to take is then to go to the installation folder of the add-on for which you want to add the icon to (I personally use Jaxels XenMedio and XenAtendo, as well as the excellent Leafnet Blog from Onimua), and make a minor alteration there.

    I'll use the LeafNet blog as an example. The add-on will typically install in the folder <xf-home>/library/LNBlog. In that, go into the Listener folder, and edit the file called NavTab.php.

    In it, you will see the following array:

                $extraTabs['blogs'] = array(
                    'title'                => new XenForo_Phrase('lnblog_blogs'),
                    'href'                => XenForo_Link::buildPublicLink('blogs'),
                    'linksTemplate'        => 'lnblog_tab_links',
                    'position'            => 'middle'
    Add the line below above the 'title':

                    'image'                => '<patth to your icon>/blog.png',
    Obviously, adapt the path to suit your needs.

    You're done!

    Now all we need to done is convince those who make add-ons to add an AdminCP option in their modifications to easily allow us to fill in the location, and we're all set :)


    Enjoy :)

    Peter - SchmitzIT
  2. yavuz

    yavuz Well-Known Member

    Nicely done Peter :) as you said it hopefully the devs would be convinced to allow adding icons to the navigation. Otherwise we would need to change evertime a new version is released.
  3. SchmitzIT

    SchmitzIT Well-Known Member

    I think I will simply delete the navtabs.php files from the add-on updates s in case the suggested option proves to be not viable. I would hazard a guess that the navtab itself will not change too drastically. And in case it does, it's only adding a single line to the code-file that'll do the trick.
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  4. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    Been digging for this, thought I saw it somewhere. Thanks a bunch for this.
  5. Archet

    Archet Member

    I have been looking for this for a long time, however I cannot get it to work.

    I have replaced the lines in the navigation template, uploaded the icon and modified the NavTabs.php file

    I have also double checked that the icon name and location is correct.

    Edit: I got it working. I was being dumb and replacing the wrong code.

    Fantastic mod. Thanks a lot for this!

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