Add-on Scheduled Newsletter App


Nelson T.

We need a GOOD newsletter addon...

The key features are that

1. It would allow you to select new posts and threads from your site. Some could be featured.

2. It would allow you to add your own personal message.

3. The publication could be pre-set for a SCHEDULED TIME using the cron feature of the XF software to publish every month or week, for example so you don't have to run it manually (which is very annoying).

4. Additional styles would also be nice.


Active member
You could just use Mailchimp and have full control over your newsletter. Can quickly create a good looking email using their templates. Then pick your own stuff and copy and paste thread titles into the email.

Nelson T.

I'm looking for an addon to Xenforo.
I guess that wasn't clear.
I don't want an external program like Mailchimp.

I'm looking for a developer to write this. He can sell it to others. As I understand the new rules, others can go into this custom work with me.

Hope that is clear.
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