"Scheduled" conversation sequence

El Porcharo

Active member
Has anyone ever thought about a scheduled sequence of messages to sent to new users time by time?

I'm thinking about sending them a few periodical tips to get the most out of the platform and also and enjoying it at most.
Something like an extended "New user welcome" option, that will send scheduled conversation messages since when they register.

I know this could be done by subscribing them to a mailing list but sometimes people don't like to be bothered in their mailbox while sometimes they might be receiving loads of emails so that ours gets lost or not even read at all.

I also think that letting them find a new message on their forum inbox when they come back, will let them feel more considered and would make them fond of the community.

Has any of you set something like this, before? How did did/would you manage it?

I didn't see any add-on for that!

Cheers! ;)