Saving Posts of Spammers

Steve Freides

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Background: I need a better "audit trail" of what happens in the process of removing spam users.

I want:

to preserve whatever information appears in my approval queue and on my screen when I see something like "username 87 times, IP 3 times"

to preserve the post of a new user who, having made it through registration, now is attempting to post spam.

Why: Because the process sometimes gets rid of people who later protest to me, and ask me why they were banned. I would like evidence as to why they were banned in order to be able to explain them, but also in order to evaluate if I wish to reverse the decision and grant them provisional membership.

I am interested whatever is out there in the way of add-ons (or features I have overlooked in the base product) that gets me this kind of complete information any time a user is banned. NB: The add-on I used under XF 1 did much of this for me, and I miss it.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

You could use the "Reject with reason" option and simply paste in the information you have.
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