Fixed Saved IPs don't get deleted


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When somebody deletes a profile post COMMENT, the safed ip doesn't get deleted:)

If the profile post is being deleted, the IP of profile post is being deleted, but the profile post comment IP is still in the xf_ip table.

this leads to many orphaned data

edit: the same is happening with conversations too
To be honnest, i don't understand, when you leave them in the db and when not:p

if a thread gets deleted => you're deleting it for the thread and messages
if a user gets deleted => they're staying in the db...
if etc...
if etc...
if etc...

to sum it up:
its not being deleted anywhere except the Discussion or DiscussionMessage datawriter is being used
1.2 makes this more consistent: we never remove them with the associated content as they serve as a record of activity for the user.

However, there is now an option (which will default off for upgrades) to prune IP logs older than X days as at some point they become fairly useless.
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