XF 2.1 Saved Draft Threads not Appearing Anywhere



I searched for this topic and there is one response that says a saved draft will appear in the editor. I'm not sure what that means - editor? I saved a couple of drafts in a forum, but when I return to that forum they do not appear in the thread list. How can I save, find it again, and edit a saved draft of a thread?


ETA: One of them did show up about 4 hours after saving it. Is there a way to make that more immediate?
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This is the editor.

Drafts are saved continuously and can also be manually saved by clicking here:

Any saved drafts will appear in the editor for those specific threads/forums.


You may want to look at the implementation. I did that 'Save Draft' using the dropdown from the floppy icon the first time. Nothing showed up, ever. That draft never returned. I did it again, using the 'Save Draft' dropdown from the floppy icon. At first - nothing. No saved draft. When I went back to the post a few hours later I got a notice in weird orange text that I had a draft. That worked, but it seemed more like a system warning than a built-in feature. I just tried it again, and for the first time the draft is there in the editor.


I just had a member ask me how long are drafts stored. As he apparently saved some work and now he cannot find his drafts. I never used drafts before, so I guess I am not well versed in it.