Browser issue Save drafts as messages are being composed

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If the "Save drafts as messages are being composed" is unchecked, the quick editor will always get the last posted message text added.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Uncheck "Save drafts as messages are being composed" in the ACP.
2) Create a new conversation post.
3) Click the reload current page button in the Firefox browser.

Notice how the quick editor now has the text from the last posted conversation message.

Chris D

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I can reproduce the issue here:

So I will report it to Froala. We aren't doing anything that would retain the editor contents - the contents aren't being saved to the database or anything like that and a hard reload will clear the contents.

To be honest, I suspect this is a Firefox quirk. Firefox is horrible in its behaviour when it comes to caching certain types of input. We had a fairly annoying problem with radios and checkboxes remaining checked after reloading the page. Firefox is the only browser which does this.
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Thank you, Chris.

Question, why is it when the "Save drafts as messages are being composed" is checked, the issue does not occur?

Chris D

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I'm actually unclear on why that is, other than it could be related to the process we go through of either clearing the draft or populating the editor with the draft (for example if it's empty).

As for the bug report with Froala, it has been closed. Apparently Firefox has a similar behaviour with plain textarea elements, so I think generally it's best to put it down to a general Firefox quirk.

Interesting to note that Mozilla have had a bug report open for this for 18 years!

With that in mind, I wouldn't expect anything to change in the short term.