Save Draft Won't Save More than Two Tags


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Not a big deal to me personally, and I'm not even sure it qualifies as a bug, but I've noticed that XF won't save more than two tags. If you save a draft of a thread and come back to it after closing your browser, or you use an addon like The Great Suspender with Chrome and the page times out, there is never more than two tags saved.

Chris D

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I just tested this here and it seems to work fine.

The Chrome add-on is irrelevant to anything because our drafts are saved in the database.

You have to bear in mind that drafts will save periodically every 60 seconds by default. The draft will also only get saved while the editor is focused and while the content has changed.

You can trigger a save via the editor button otherwise. This doesn't appear to be a bug but feel free to provide reproduction steps so it can be troubleshooted.


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Hi Chris. Well, this is what I did just now to test:

1.) Created test thread with three tags and clicked Save Draft
2. Closed browser
3.) Opened browser again to same thread and third tag was gone
4. Added third tag again and again clicked Save Draft, then closed browser
5.) Opened browser again to same thread and third tag was again gone

I could do this all day, in Chrome or FF. But again, it's not a big deal to me, and I realize that most people probably won't be closing their browsers before posting a saved draft (I don't do it myself often), so it's not something that will likely affect many people. And I can always re-add the tags. No big deal.
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