Samsung Users Get In Here


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Was at ATnT store last night getting familiar with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 since I'll be trading my iPhone 5s for one when I asked the sales rep how secure is the fingerprint lock.

He said 'Oh I can get pass that easily, Samsung phones are so easy to hack. All I need to know is what cell phone tower your on and I'm in there. I'd never get a Samsung but hey do you.'

He said he hacked every demo phone in the store and showed me the file structure. He has the same phone as me. We talked shop for awhile, teaching each other stuff. His questions to me were related to design and sidesync. On to the main topic...

I asked 'Can't I just download some app to secure it? I use Google Drive and Microsoft OneNote with Google 2 Step Authentication'. Afterwards I went home and put Avast Mobile Security on my Google Play Wishlist (yes I'm already preparing which useful android apps to download in advance, I was a previous Samsung smartphone owner anyway)

He said 'Nope cause the way I get in your phone it's like your phone thinks it's me.'

So my question to you peeps is have you ever heard of anyone getting messed with that way and if so what have you done to secure your phone?

I also asked him how long it takes for him to hack iPhone he said 30 min but he needs a laptop to do it.
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I've had the S5 since launch in the UK and all I've done to secure it is set up the fingerprint lock with the (compulsory) alternate password and that's it. What do you mean by he showed you the "file structure"? The file structure of the demo phone in store? Most file manager apps on the Google Play store will also show you the file structure.

Had I spoken to this guy I wouldn't be worried, but then again I have nothing worth "hacking" off my phone. I've also steered away from mobile anti-virus apps because they just use up battery life and I don't feel I browse anything unorthodox enough to have the potential to give me a virus.


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Next time ask the person how much commission & any bonuses they would get from selling the Samsung device versus whatever device they were trying to steer you towards.