XF 1.2 Anyone in here who have set userpermissions for use with DAP ?

I have been stuck with this for a very long time now.
I got DAP membership software "integrated" with Xenforo but I can still not make it work the way I want it to.

Someone else in here that have gone through this process and made it work so xenforo only will be accessable to paid members ? Access for paid members only by using the membership software ofcourse; not Xenforo itself since it doesnt have that feature.
What the DAP integration with Xenforo does according to DAP support:

"The DAP integration will allow you to add users of 1 dap product to 1 of the Xenforo group.

So create a new custom xenforo group and integrate dap product to that group id in xenforo instead of the default registered usergroup."

The users of one DAP product have been added to my custom created user group only.

Will this work or do the users need to be added to the "Registered" usergroup too ?


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By default all new members are in the Registered group.
The system is designed to add them to other groups as secondary groups.

I have no knowledge of DAP so can't comment on that.