XF 2.2 Safari Behavior: Scrolling while typing into editor


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I can't reproduce this behavior here. But I also am having a lot of trouble isolating it on our side.
When I type into the editor in BBCode mode, then the window scrolls with each letter pressed.

On my development server, I've disabled all extra javascript addons and reverted to the default theme, but it still happens to me. On macOS Big Sur, Safari 11.
  • Only on Safari
  • So far only on forums.macrumors.com (doesn't happen here)

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It comes down to this code in vendor-compiled.js

        function u() {
            if (0 !== r.scrollHeight) {
                var e = function(e) {
                        for (var t = []; e && e.parentNode && e.parentNode instanceof Element;)
                            e.parentNode.scrollTop && t.push({
                                node: e.parentNode,
                                scrollTop: e.parentNode.scrollTop
                            e = e.parentNode;
                        return t
                    t = document.documentElement && document.documentElement.scrollTop;
                r.style.height = "",
                r.style.height = r.scrollHeight + n + "px",
                o = r.clientWidth,
                e.forEach(function(e) {
                    e.node.scrollTop = e.scrollTop
                t && (document.documentElement.scrollTop = t)

I'm not sure what on my system is causing this issue. I was hoping it would be semi-obvious to XF devs.

Given that you couldn't reproduce this here, it's worth trying on 2.2.2. This has a Froala update so it's possible there's a bug fix included for this.
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Also using Big Sur with Safari 11, but can't reproduce it here or on my forum with XF2.2.2.

UPDATE: it is also working normally on XF2.2.1 on my side.
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