Sad news


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I don't know how well known he was on XF's forums, but I'm sad to share that @Mike54 passed away on 30th July. His son emailed me earlier this evening. His funeral was yesterday.

I know he was customer of a few devs and designers. He bought a. Audentio style only a few weeks ago and he'd been emailing me excited with what he was doing with it only the day before he died.



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He had a tumour growing in his brain, but he was telling me (email on the 28th) that his doctor was confident that it was reducing. I haven't asked his son if that was the cause. Still reeling from the news, to be honest.


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Well, you're always more than welcome to start a conversation with me if you need to talk.

My grandfather died of congestive heart failure on November 22, 2010, and my uncle died of several medical issues on December 27, 2010, so I, uh... have experience with losing loved ones.


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Mike was a great guy. So sorry to hear this. There were many times when him and I talked about getting together for a beer. Unfortunately it never happened. I know we would have had a good time.