XF 2.0 ?'s about Creating XF2 Styles ...


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I am trying to figure this styles thing out and create my own.
With that being said, I just need a little more info than whats listed in xf2 docs.
What I am not understanding is:
  1. Do I create my own style in ACP first by adding a style with no parent?
  2. Where do exactly get the style [style_id] [designer_mode_id]?
Any help is much appreciated!
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Chris D

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Do I create my own style in ACP first by adding a style with no parent?
Where do exactly get the style [style_id] [designer_mode_id]?
The style_id is created when you create the style. As with everything in XF if it has a numerical ID then you will see that in the URL after the dot character (e.g. this thread is thread_id 133032).

The designer mode ID is an identifier of your choosing. The style_id may change depending on which XF installation you're using at any given time, but the designer_mode_id should be easier to remember than an ID and will be consistent regardless of which XF2 installation you're using.


Previously Cylent1
So if im getting this right, The style ID is already made when I make the style?
And the designerID I have to create myself?


Previously Cylent1
@Chris D
I created a new style called "Vault''.
Then I enabled Designer Mode, then took note at my style_ID which is ''2''.

Then I used this in CLI:
php cmd.php xf-designer:enable [2] [vault]

but I receive style with that ID not found.
Am I doing this right?


Previously Cylent1
@Chris D
I hate to be a bother to you, but I am stuck at creating a template for a style.
What should I use for the "touch_template'' and "template_type'' in this command?
php cmd.php xf-designer:touch_template vault [template_type:template_title --custom