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Hello, before the begining of the explication of my problem, I would say that I'm french so my english can be bad, sorry !

So, for begin I have created my forum on your platform removed> and I have two problems.

The first like you can see in the top of the forum there is a red band, I would want to put in large : "Zirconia" so I would want to know what do for it.

Then, when I try to create a new post, for exemple in the category "information" there isn't the button : Créer un nouveau poste (create a new post). So I would want to know if it's the them that do it or I must edit a thing in admin panel.

So thanks to have to read my post, I hope that you will want to help me for my problem !
Bye and then an one more time I'm sorry for my english because I'm french.
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