XF 2.1 Running upgrade to 2.1.0 Alpha, step 18


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This is the code right?
public function step18($position, array $stepData)
        return $this->entityColumnsToJson('XF:Post', ['like_users'], $position, $stepData);
Takes more than 1 hour only for this step.
Is it expected?

Server Specs
Intel Xeon E3-1231v3
SoftRaid 4 x 2TB SATA HDD
CentOS 7.6
PHP 7.3.1
MariaDB 10.3.12

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With 10+ million posts that step can take a while.

Has it moved on since you posted?
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I certainly wouldn't expect an hour -- I believe it should be showing a progress indicator as well (numbers changing). I suppose this could indicate that the step has hung. You could kill the upgrade process and restart it (it should pick up from that step) and see if that helps at all.
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A Software RAID 10 on SATA HDD is severely limited on the amount of IOPS that can be performed.
With 10M posts I'd really try to get the DB on SSD.


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It's just a DevSite on Dev Server, testing and testing every 2.1 Beta release until I'm 100% ready for Live Forum update soooon :).


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Running last Test Upgrade before doing it final next week.

On this server Specs:
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245v5 - 4c/8t - 3.5GHz /3.9GHz
RAM: 64GB DDR4 2133MHz
SoftRaid 2x1.2TB NVMe
Running upgrade to 2.1.0 Alpha, step 18... took 40 minutes.