XF 1.2 Run Simple SQL Queries From Admin Control Panel?


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Another forum platform I use has a feature called "Database Management" where you can run all your cache rebuilding, db backups, etc.

One great feature is "Run SQL query"

The instructions say:
This allows you to run basically any command you want on the database (useful for fixing things you messed up), use #__ for your database prefix (e.g. "SELECT * FROM #__online") also use a ; at the end of each query when running multiple queries, linebreaks are irrelevant. WARNING: only use this if you know what you are doing, messing with it could trash your database!
I see a lot of cases on the xF forum where people say "run this query for xyz" and that requires you to go into PhpMyAdmin or similar. It would be great to be able to just run those queries from within the ACP... obviously limited to only use by Admin.

Is this something that is already available in the core or as an addon that I don't know about? I searched like crazy and couldn't find anything.


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No, I haven't seen an add-on (besides a hackish one I threw together almost two years ago and never released) and it doesn't exist in the core software.


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I don't have the code any more. I wrote it so I could run a query on a friend's site since he didn't have PhpMyAdmin access.