[Mod/Serivce] Profile queries from IRC



If you run a XenForo powered board, and you use the vbirc network for your live chat, you can now request our bot to be pointed to your chat channel and your web site. From where IRC users can query a userid, resulting in live statistics.


[18:35] <Jobe> ??xf 69
[18:36] <database> Joe Ward registered on Thu Jul 29 06:36:49 AM CEST 2010 and has 6 posts, 1 likes and 3 trophy points. Huzzah! Profile: http://xenforo.com/community/members/69/
[18:36] <Jobe> ??xf 96
[18:36] <database> Mark.B registered on Thu Jul 29 08:25:05 AM CEST 2010 and has 144 posts, 52 likes and 28 trophy points. Huzzah! Profile: http://xenforo.com/community/members/96/

You can come test this on irc.xenfans.com 6667 #chat

Site owners don't have to run anything, it's a mod we wrote and provide as a service. No additional files or credentials (but the domain name) is required to make this work.

Together with the xenfans signature generator and the live irc statistics, this might be a fun little feature for your social community.

Jobe (vbirc team member) wrote the script on xenfans.com's behalf. Thanks Jobe!
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