Rules page as a Page rather than a phrase?


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As far as I can tell, the current Rules are simply a phrase you can edit in the ACP.

I'd like to create a rules Page but then it wouldn't show up when registering would it? Is there anyway around this?


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When you create a Page, a corresponding template is created.

So you could just include it in the register template using <xen:include template="_page_node.25" />


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Ah cool, would that also work if I changed the rules phrase to <xen:include template="_page_node.25" /> or can you not include code within phrases like that?


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But as the rules are a template themselves, can you remove the "terms_rules_text" phrase from the help_terms template and replace it with the template include you suggested.

<xen:title>{xen:phrase terms_of_service_and_rules}</xen:title>

<div class="baseHtml">

<xen:include template="_page_node.63"/>

That seems to work but any idea if it'll cause problems anywhere?


You can make a static rules.html, or a directory or a remote web site, or a thread, or a node: page, etc ..

in the admin.php > options > you can SET where the rules point to, and it adapts to registration page, and the footer ..