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Browser issue RTL: Word Wrap In Footer


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In RTL mode "Contact Us" and "Top" phrases suffer from unnecessary word wrap in Google Chrome if equivalents to these words have multiple glyphs in that RTL language. While equivalent phrase to "Home" places between these two phrases does not wrap although, even if it has multiple words. I have tried to inspect those elements and set the "word-wrap" CSS property to "normal" and the issue was gone.
I noticed really some problems of css with the google chrome and operate, but these only take place in versions metal vein of the navigators!


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In Google Chrome I found this behavior at least at two places. In footer as well as breadcrumb (if conversations are open). Following, CSS rule in EXTRA.css fixes them. I might add more handles to this rule if I discover more such places.

.footerLinks li, .breadcrumb .crust:last-child a.crumb
    word-wrap: normal;