XF 1.2 RSS sending question.


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Hi there guys, I have a question.

I have another non-XF forum SMF that has a RSS feed that works well on everything I send it.
The issues is if I copy a RSS from my XF forum it comes up invalid feed.
I am wondering is there and on off for sending RSS.

PS I have tried recieving RSS on XF and that worked when I tried it, but now I need the reverse to send a
node RSS to another site . I tried doing a search but everything I found seemed to have to do with recieving I am looking for sending from XF- to another site.

Thank You


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We'd need to see why that feed is rejecting the feed. It may be an issue on their end for example.


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The feed is open to guest that I am trying to access, sorry can't put the site on here due to privacy.
Maybe I will try getting support on the other end, it may be the interpreter, it shouldn't be as everything looks right.
But I noticed my email wont read that rss feed from XF either, so I am more apt to think its XF.
I'll close this off here and check the other forum software, really do not want to publicize the site here unless there is no options.

Thank you .