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I have an RSS feed from my Wordpress site imported into a forum. However the feed is showing pages which were deleted ages ago,

The feed importer is set to refresh every 10 minutes, so does anyone know why it is importing pages that were deleted at least a year ago?

I note that I can delete threads from the forum which is receiving the feed, but I wonder shouldn't/t this happen automatically once the link is dead?

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That's what I thought.

But if I set up a new feed, those deleted entries are correctly not there (so Wordpress seems to be correctly not including them in the feed)

So it's as if the original feed (which originally did have those pages when they existed) is not updating to what Wordpress is chucking out.

ie it's only appearing to import them, whereas maybe it is just staying static and displaying the original feed instead of updating.
You would need to investigate in WP to determine why deleted entries are still in the feed.
Investigating shows that they are not in the (current) WP export feed. If a page is deleted , it no longer shows in the xml feed file. However does still show in the forum to which that feed is imported.

I don't know if it's a bug or just the way it is designed for some reason.
When you say "I have a feed"... are you talking about them being imported into a forum node?
If so, exactly what do you expect it to do.. check the feed, see if it's still a valid link and if not then delete them from the RSS feed?

Or am I misunderstanding what you are talking about?
Is it importing "as new" articles from the feed that have been deleted on the source site?
However does still show in the forum to which that feed is imported.
Do you mean threads which were created when the entries existed in the feed are still present when the entries are deleted from the feed?

If so then that is expected.
There is no mechanism which would transmit data from a feed when an entry is deleted to delete a thread in the forum.
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