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My board's default time zone (for guests) is UTC (Dublin, Edinburgh, London).
My server's time zone is UTC+2. RSS feeds show all times as UTC+2. Not the board default setting UTC0. Even when users log in and their own specified timezones come into effect, RSS feeds still show times as UTC+2. Is this how it should be?

I would prefer to have the RSS feeds time as UTC even though my server's own time is set at UTC+2..

Ryan Kent

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How are you importing the feed? I *think* if you use the "post as user" function, and set that user's time zone as you wish, the feed will appear correctly for you.


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Would you care to elaborate what you mean by the "post as user"? I have tried importing the feed when not logged in (as a guest, and guests' timezone is set at UTC) and also by being logged in to the board (timezone set at UTC+6). Both times the feed has timezone of UTC+2. And my server's (Debian) timezone is set at UTC+2 so I think the feed somehow catches that timezone...


Ryan Kent

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feel free to look at my board www.

Check the TeraNews section. All except the first two stickied posts are automatic as a result of a RSS feed.

Jake Bunce

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The outgoing feed doesn't use any offset for the times (GMT -0). I tested two different readers (Firefox and Safari) and found that the reader itself automatically applies the offset from your computer's time settings. If you change the timezone on your computer then you will see the times change in the outgoing feed.