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XF 1.3 rss feed for categories?

Does anyone know of a way to configure XenForo (or an addon, if nothing else) that will allow for users to subscribe to .rss feeds of categories?

The .rss feed for forums is working great; however, I have a great demand from users to be able to get everything within a particular category (which, of course, contains multiple forums.)


As a developer, can you elaborate upon why this was not considered for incorporation into the base product? It just seems to make sense, when looking at the overall structure of my Xenforo site, that having .rss feeds consolidated into categories would be logical and good.

Previously I thought it was a good idea that Xenforo's design differed from other software (i.e., vbulletin) in making categories completely separate from forums (rather than simply having some forums "act" like categories); however, this seems to be a very inconvenient limitation of this design.
Is there a way I can place a formal request for this feature? Right now I have no real reason to upgrade past my current version, but something like this (even as simple as I'm sure it would be for those intimate with the source) would be a nice motivation (and, frankly, it'd be a nice feature.)

Otherwise, as I asked before, care to elaborate upon why it's not included? It seems like an odd thing to leave out. Given that most of us organize our forums into categories, it seems logical that people would want to subscribe to rss feeds by category (and get everything posted within that category.)

I just noticed the addon request forum -- so, I'll make a request there as well.
I still don't understand why the developers do not add this to the core product. It just seems like such a useful thing for a lot of folks. (And, it would certainly prompt me to pay for an upgrade to my version of XenForo!)

I totally meant to post an addon request for this in the 'addon request forum', but I guess I got distracted a couple months ago when this was last on my mind. I'll try to do that soon.