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RSS Feed for Categories and Child Forums 1.0.0

RSS Feed for Categories and Forum Feeds Include threads from sub forums

  1. shabbirbhimani

    shabbirbhimani Active Member

    shabbirbhimani submitted a new resource:

    RSS Feed for Categories and Child Forums - RSS Feed for Categories and Forum Feeds Include threads from sub forums

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  2. Pierce

    Pierce Well-Known Member

    I am getting an error on line 67 about first parameter being "null" instead of array on certain forums.
  3. Pierce

    Pierce Well-Known Member

    actually dont mind me, xfa cover is causing the conflict.

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  4. shabbirbhimani

    shabbirbhimani Active Member

    Hope its all sorted?
  5. Pierce

    Pierce Well-Known Member

    Nah they can't recreate it.

    I'm still evaluating my needs for this.

    I can get around it in other ways.

    You would think the default xenforo would list all posts of sub forums as they are all connected to the parent.
  6. shabbirbhimani

    shabbirbhimani Active Member

    No they don't
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  7. /GriFFin

    /GriFFin Member

    Any way to sort the feed, like how you can with the normal rss feeds for forums, i want in list of thread start times, not with the most recent post in an old thread at the top.

    EDIT: Figured it out after doing a ton of searching on here.

    I changed a section in the Forum.php in your library addon

     $threads = $threadModel->getThreads(
                    'forum_id' => $forumIds,
                    'limit' => $threadsPerPage * 3, // to filter
                    'order' => 'last_post_date',
                    'join' =>
                            XenForo_Model_Thread::FETCH_FORUM | XenForo_Model_Thread::FETCH_FORUM_OPTIONS |
                            XenForo_Model_Thread::FETCH_USER | XenForo_Model_Thread::FETCH_FIRSTPOST,
                    'permissionCombinationId' => $visitor['permission_combination_id']
    I removed the LAST_ part on line 56, and that makes the RSS feed sort by started thread time.

    Might be nice to add as option in your next option, so far its a great add-on, love it! :)
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2016
    shabbirbhimani likes this.
  8. shabbirbhimani

    shabbirbhimani Active Member

    Never got an email about your reply and just saw an alert now. yes removing that line will make thread sort by thread start time.
  9. |Jordan|

    |Jordan| Active Member

    This is exactly what i've been looking for. I've spent the last few weeks trying to write my own script that merges rss feeds from multiple forums and i failed horribly. Many many thanks.
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  10. BobbyWibowo

    BobbyWibowo Well-Known Member

    Oh, this is something that I had thought about a couple of times before, but since there was no request for it, I didn't give it much thoughts. I often adds RSS feeds from various sites into my IFTTT account to make them send email notification on updates, so I thought there'd be someone who'd also need something like this for my forum. Sadly though, there wasn't much traffic into my forum, especially since we just reopened it recently, so there was never any content worth 'subscribing', lol.. Anyway, I simply wanted to say that I'd be bookmarking this resource in case I'd it in the future, so thanks in advance for this!
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