Fixed RSS Feed duplicate entries


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Ealier I was pulling feeds in from the BBC News (now stopped and removed). I'm using another source instead now. But I spotted something with the Wales feed I was bringing in, lots and lots of duplicate entries for one item only in question, this one below.

And this was the title displayed many times for it:

Bus-rail link between Ebbw Vale and Newport returns

For some odd reason I spotted it listed about 20 times spread across 7 pages, yet all other feeds brought in seemed OK, no duplicates spotted. Now I'm running my old MyBB Forum (closed to public) bringing in the same 4 feeds also, I just checked that one from Wales and it's listed once only on that forum. So it's not happened there also with that feed item.

Not sure why it was only happening with that particular feed item, but I'm letting you know about it.


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I think this is resolved now.
FYI, this still seems to be an issue. I wonder if it has something to do with people replying to a thread and that updating a timestamp pushing it back to the top of the RSS feed. (at least that is what I am seeing)


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Yup can definitely confirm that the RSS timestamp will update when a reply is posted. This will cause double posts to Twitter/Facebook. Any chance we can get the RSS timestamp to ONLY be the created date of the thread?


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That's unrelated to this bug report. The ordering based on last post isn't really a bug -- you can get the RSS feed based on creation date if you prefer.