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Hi guys.

So I am getting this strange error. Here is what I have

Page Parent (http://something.com/pages/parent/)
- Page Child (http://something.com/pages/child/)

I have added route filters to rename the pages url.

Page Parent = http://something.com/parent/
Page Child = http://something.com/parent/child/

Everything is working as it should, but here is the problem I am getting;

When I go to http://something.com/parent/child/ it works
When I go to http://something.com/parent/child it fails

Is there something I have done wrong?

Can you confirm your exact route filter details?

Hi Mike,

Sure thing.

Find Route: pages/parent/
Replace With: parent/

Find Route: pages/child1/
Replace With: parent/child1/

Find Route: pages/child2/
Replace With: parent/child2/

Find Route: forums/
Replace With: community/

Find Route: account/
Replace With: my/

They are all of the route filters I have in place.

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