Root or folder for your Forum?

New Joe

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So I've always used the 'root' on all the Forums I've made and done.

Do you run your Forum in the root or a folder, as in /xxx

What are the advantages and disadvantages of either?

I might use this portal for my Forum, not sure yet:

Could that be done so the main URL mysite .com runs as the portal page?

Say I didn't use that portal add on but did have my xenforo files in a /xxx folder, would the url still hit the mysite .com or would it hit mysite .com/xxx ?

Chris D

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It's entirely your own choice, but it does require some forward planning.

If the site is in the root, then you would be unable to have another application in the root, such as WordPress for example.

If the forum is in a folder, you wouldn't be able to make something like CTA Featured Threads Portal appear in the root.

Ultimately, if you plan for your entire site to be powered by XenForo (e.g. portal add-on plus forum as normal) then having everything in the root is advisable. If you plan to use another application, e.g. Wordpress as the front end, then having the forum in a folder is best.

If you make a decision now and it ultimately turns out to be wrong, it isn't a problem to change it in the future. It's quite simple to do (though may have an affect on how your site is indexed in the short term after the change).

New Joe

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Cool thanks
As i've always been the root way in all the years of building Forums I think i will stick to that way....

New Joe

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Yes. If there isn't a default setting it is possible with an option in the Admin CP (index page route) and route filters.
Not sure about that, installed the portal add on but can't see how to change it so that is my main url landing page...


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Moved everything to the root recently. Expecting KAM to come with a portal software add on now #hurry :D


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I'm using as as the portal. And forums located as . And the is just redirecting to