XF 1.5 Robot viewing error


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Robot: Bing
Viewing forum (Error ), 3 minutes ago

I have only installed XF & XFMG a couple of days ago and imported from PP Pro and VB4 integration
Is this error normal in the above circumstances. It only returns errors for forums, I have not seen any errors fro media.

Any ideas.

As far as i can see all my forums are open for unregistered users to view

Chris D

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It's fine. It just means a robot is crawling a URL but receiving an error. It may be that it's a permissions issue or what have you, or even ventured to a URL that doesn't actually exist. It's perfectly normal.


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Yep the bots are following old url's from my previous VB4 and getting the error page.
Thought that might be the case, no dramas with that :ROFLMAO: