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The Quotebook from Painbaker was without any categories till 1.3;
now with 2.0 it is like the RM. Every quote needs a category, while the cats set the values.

While I work on my own version, I just have this idea:

1. Let the permissions like in 1.3
2. add the cats like in 2.0
3. Chose the index to add => cat_id = 0
or choose a cat => cat_id > 0 to add a quote
(add cat_0 to all forms, where the cat is chosen)

Everything else stays, but the index has to show for example:

All quotes from cat 0 and maybe quotes from chosen cats.

The database I work on, is for one large category, but some items could be there with less relevance, so i could move them to cats.

Seems to be an not so complicated story as long I allow the cat_id 0 to be chosen.
The cat_list for the index will be changed to "where cat_id == 0"

The rest could stay like it is?
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