Melt to times RM


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There is forum A with RM
There is forum B with RM

Forum B should be added to forum A.
The users from B are not important. The threads of B are not important.
But the complete RM from B should be added to A. All resources are owned by Admin (or can be owned by Admin).

Can I use the normal import script here?
Can I use it, when I delete all users, but not admin, and also delete all threads before in B?

We talk about 1000 cats and 10.000 resources. So we need a script and can't do that by hand. :)
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That means that the importer cant import resources from B to A, when there is nothing else than Admin and resources?
You can't just import resources from forum B to forum A - there are many prerequisites such as user groups, users, etc.

Therefore a custom "script" is required, which is what you asked for.
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