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I've tested things a bit, but haven't figured out if this is actually possible. I have multiple versions of the same resource. Let's call them A, B and C.

A and B, I offer locally, while C is available as a remote download. They share 95% of the exact same functionality, so in order to keep from getting a possible SEO hit by creating three different resources with the same descriptions, I figured I'd create an initial release A, then post update B, and finally link to version C.

Unfortunately, this leads to the behavior where the only download available is whichever is the latest update. Is it somehow possible to have an individual download available per version?

So version 1 allows you to download version A. Version 2 gets you download B, and version 3 (The latest, and default) leads you to the external site.

I guess I could attach the individual versions to the releases as ZIP-files, but that'd somehow seem less clean than individual downloads.

IS this possible at all? Should it be added as an optional suggestion, perhaps?
No, that's not possible.

If you are able to offer them all as a download from the site then they would be available under the history tab.

Is that something that needs to be configured to be visible? I did not see the History tab when I tested things. If I would have to add the downloadable versions as 1 resource, and the external linked one as another, I guess that'd be an acceptable compromise. That, or I stick with adding the downloads as attachments, while linking the resource.

Thanks, Paul :)
I'm an idiot. When I first created the board, I didn't think I'd use versioning, so I edited the templates to hide the tab.


I just tested, and am able to even add an external download after creating the initial one as a free one. I just lacked that history tab to figure it all out.
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