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I just came across a very interesting XF-website which has some nice features build into the "Resource Manager":


the most interesting feature is that you can filter the "Resource Manager"-Categories by more than just 1 Category. Clicking onto several items at the left-sidebar lets you filter by multiple Categories.

Not sure how this has been implemented, but it is not showing a "Prefix" by which you can filter, but you can select various "Categories" or certain items at the left-sidebar and it filters the RM-items.

I do like to Category-Dropdown at the left sidebar (it expands the Category-List when you click the toggle / small arrow-icon).

the Masonry-Layout (grid layout) is also great by utilizing the Desandro-Masonry-script.

I am wondering if this has been coded based on the standard "XF Resource Manager" (by using an Add-on) or if this has been coded from scratch ?

Is this an Addon somebody has come across ?

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