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Ridemonkey.com - biking forums of all kinds, now on XenForo!

Discussion in 'Forum Showcase and Critiques' started by Ridemonkey, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Ridemonkey

    Ridemonkey Well-Known Member

    I did a ton of planning to migrate my ~3m post, ~80k member forum from vBulletin, which I have been increasingly frustrated with over the years.

    In the end, I transitioned the entire thing with about 1 hour of downtime and essentially no loss in functionality. The only things I didn't migrate were reputation (deliberate) and classifieds (would have been too much work).

    I'm incredibly pleased with the ease of management of XenForo as compared to vBulletin. I was also very worried about how the members would take it - they tend to really, really dislike change. Polls and discussions seem to indicate the majority are happy with it, though!

    Check it out, let me know what you guys think.

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  2. Ingenious

    Ingenious Well-Known Member

    Nice work. I like the photos on the landing page, adds a nice professional touch to it and draws you in. The forum itself is nicely styled and clean/easy.
  3. Ridemonkey

    Ridemonkey Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I've always struggled a little with the landing page and whether to just dump the users straight into the forums, but I keep coming back to thinking the landing page should help present content, not just display all the options.

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