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A couple of thread related questions:

If I wanted to build a rich thread, with images and formatting akin to a blog post - can that be done either in the forums? If not will a resource allow this (and are there any examples out there to look at?)

Similar to above, can I make a wiki/stickie thread where the first post can be found at the top of each reply page, again can it have the images etc too?

Any video walkthroughs of things like this? I did try the demo and it was fun to play around with, but seeing 'what I could build' in form of a video or visual demo would be great!


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Threads support formatted text, attached and embedded images, embedded video and with some custom BB Codes, you can float them allowing the text to flow around them.

Sticky threads are possible, yes.
There is one at the top of this forum:
They aren't shown on the thread view template though - you would need custom development/an add-on for that.

Or you could use a notice.