RHEL (or CENTOS) Cluster Suite Configuration?

Fred Sherman

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Has anyone installed XenForo into a RHEL Cluster with mySQL on one node and XenForo on the other in a mutual takeover configuration?
Looking for any information before I begin testing this myself. If not, I'll post back a configuration guide.


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I have ... Give it a go .. no issues here :)
but it wasn't Redhat or Centos .. I used Debian .... but it should work the same way :)

Fred Sherman

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I got it working on a test cluster fairly quickly. I'm using my first license as a test environment to figure out how to configure the servers. Up until now, I've never had the luxury of using my own servers, its always been a VPS or a managed server with shell access.
Failover testing went well. I'll have the configuration documented and posted here sometime tomorrow.